Are you having problems with your Wi-Fi?

Then consider the fact that your router placement may be the underlying problem.

Moving your router may be one of the simplest solutions to solving your Wi-Fi connection problems that you may be experiencing.

Use our guide on where to place router to help fix your problems today.

Where to Place Router

The four tips below can help you establish where to place router. If you’ve just set up your router or restarted it, and you aren’t getting a great connection then consider:

1. The Center of Your House

The ideal spot of your router should be as close to the center of your house as you can get.

Putting your router in the middle of the house allows for equal coverage everywhere. If you’re a multi-story house, put it on the middle floor to achieve good signal on every story.

2. Out in the Open

Keep your router out in the open for a better signal as well.

While you may want to hide your router for aesthetic purposes, you’ll just be putting more barriers in the way which will further block the signal. These object barriers include anything like:

  • Brick walls
  • Drywall
  • Shelves
  • Furniture

If you’re still concerned about the aesthetic appeal of your router, then you can rest easy knowing that some companies are creating better-looking routers.

3. Avoid the Kitchen

Whatever you do, make sure that you avoid putting your router in the kitchen.

Microwaves use the same amount of signal on the electromagnetic spectrum, so when you use them, you are literally interfering with your Wi-Fi signal.

Metal objects can absorb the signal and cause an obstruction for your signals as well. This can be a real problem, especially in the kitchen, so be weary of anything like:

  • Metal fridges
  • Stoves
  • Kitchen appliances

When it comes down to it, it’s probably best to just keep the router out of your kitchen.

4. Play With the Antenna

Last but not least, when you finally achieve the best place for your router, play around with the antenna.

The antenna is the part of the router that handles broadcasting and receiving your wifi connection.

If you want to get your signal to spread horizontally, then position your antenna vertically. If you want your Wi-Fi to broadcast between floors in your home or office, then position the antenna horizontally.

If your antenna is detachable, then you can take your router to an electronics store and find an antenna that will broadcast further.

An omnidirectional antenna will have difficulty reaching a long distance, so consider that when you are purchasing a new antenna for a stronger connection.

Bottom Line

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