Five Useful tips for Router Login

Five Useful Tips for Configuring your Router Login

Your home or office network gives you quite a few opportunities, when it comes to your routerlogin configurations. The more you use it, the more features you’ll find, which can be adjusted to perfectly suit your specific user’s needs. Here are a couple of tips, you can find useful for your router’s proper configuration:

1st Tip – Get to know your routerlogin specific web interface

One of the best ways to configure routerlogin options is to use a web interface specially designed for your router. All you have to do is to determine its IP address, which isn’t definitely a rocket science, even for an average user. Just check out your Network & Sharing Center, which you can locate in Control Panel of your Windows. Make sure you’re using the right name of your current Internet connection.

2nd Tip – Who’s on your network?

This may seem as a trivial question, but you can be tremendously surprised once you start examining, who’s using your network. In addition, your routerlogin channels can be easily compromised by some unwanted quests. Do we have to mention that your network’s performance can be seriously challenged by the unauthorized devices you’re very often completely unaware about?


3rd Tip – More routers, more opportunities

It’s a legitimate thing to use more than one router in order to cover a large area with your home or business network. This also means that you’re absolutely free to use more than one routerlogin option for your devices. On the other hand, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are required to create additional networks for each and any of your existing routers. Luckily for us, the so-called repeating feature can allow you to handle all of your routers in a simple and an efficient way.

4th Tip – Set your priorities

Nowadays, many routers come with a useful QoS or Quality-of-Services feature. What’s this QoS all about? Well, it’s actually quite simple. This feature allows you to set the priorities for your network. This can particularly come in handy when you have more than one user and device on your network.

5th Tip – Are you in control?

Many routers allow you to increase safety for minority users through the so-called parental controllers. This is a simple and extremely efficient way to protect your loved ones from exposing themselves to the unwanted and harmful contents online.