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How To Secure Your Netgear Router Login Info

Someone with direct access to your Netgear router login info could result in an unwanted leak of personal information. This could also happen if you're on an unsecured network. Do you let any random person enter your home whenever they want? I would hope not. Securing...
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Think Your Neighbor Is a Wifi Stealer? Learn How to Check Today!

Most Americans worry they are losing control over their personal data, but these same people fail to follow the best digital security practices. If you're worried about someone getting access to your personal information, you need to make sure you have the proper...
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Troubleshooting Common Issues With Your Netgear Wireless Router

Whether you've just plugged it in or you're experiencing a sudden outage, it's not uncommon to encounter issues with your Netgear Wireless Router. Fluctuations in network connectivity from your ISP or internet service provider, a power surge, or a spike in traffic can...
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15 Awesome Features On The iPhone X

Ten years is an eternity in tech. Ten years before the iPhone X, my travel bag contained an iPod, a GPS device, a cellphone and a laptop in case I needed to do any writing or browsing. The iPhone revolutionized more than my bag weight. This latest addition to the...
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Your Complete Guide to Netgear Router Setup

Did you just buy a Netgear router? If so, you might be looking at it and wondering exactly how to put it all together and connect to the Internet. After all, this is the era of instant tech feedback, right? We expect to press a few buttons or swipe a few screens and...
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