Everyone wants to be safer. As a homeowner, you want to keep your property protected, especially when you’re not there.

To that end, a security camera is a wise investment. This can keep an eye on your home when you’re elsewhere.

If you’re thinking of getting a security camera, you want one that’s a good value for the money. It should also be highly functional.

A Netgear security camera like the Arlo Smart is a fantastic choice. This hooks up via your router.

Here are four benefits of having a Netgear security camera.

1. Easy Setup

You’re going to be using your security camera often. You should know exactly what all the buttons do and how to access the camera from anywhere.

With a Netgear security camera, setup is a breeze. The Arlo Smart, for instance, hooks up via your Arlo system. It can even interact with other Arlo cameras.

When you don’t have to stress about installation, you can get you security camera up and running sooner. That means more time spent protecting your home with security surveillance.

2. Surveillance

Speaking of surveillance, the surveillance capabilities of a security camera, especially one from Netgear, are great.

The brand’s security cameras come with an accompanying app. You can download this for free on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. Open the app and you can see your house from anywhere.

If you’re a parent, you can watch the kids even though you’re not physically there. You can also check on pets in much the same way.

If you bring the whole family on vacation, you can use a Netgear camera to check on your home. You know for a fact your house will be safe when you return to it.

3. Safety

Theft can happen anytime, even in broad daylight. As long as your house is empty, it could be a potential target for a burglar.

If no one is home to see what’s going on, your house could be damaged and your valuables could be stolen.

With a Netgear camera, you can see if someone dangerous is on your property. You even get alerted. You can then contact the authorities, potentially preventing a theft.

4. And One of the Biggest Benefits of a Netgear Security Camera? Smart Technology

The Netgear Arlo Smart camera does more than surveillance. It’s also smart technology, as its name implies.

It includes a built-in learning algorithm. Over time, with regular surveillance, the Arlo Smart begins to memorize certain people who come and go. It also reads into their motions.

If a person is acting suspicious, the Arlo Smart gives you the option whether to let them in. That could save your home from a burglary.


Having a Netgear security camera is a great idea for homeowners. You can watch your home when you’re not there, and the camera can even potentially detect burglars.

To learn more about Netgear products, including security cameras and routers, visit NETGEAR Routers. This site offers tutorials, reviews, and more for setting up your Netgear camera.