When it comes to choosing Wireless routers, there are a number of prestigious brands in the market offering a bundle of handy features. But it is not their features that make them a standout; it is their configuration technicalities that prove them to be the best.NETGEAR router login default settings and NETGEAR routers have become a household name, promising efficient results, quality products and outstanding services. Their increasing demand and promised high-quality is the reason why many home users are switching to NETGEAR advanced routers for better Wi-Fi accessibility throughout the house.

NETGEAR Router Login

If you are investing in one, there might be a couple of things you might want to know about such as its basic settings, passwords usernames etc. At a certain time, you might want to change the username or password. However, they may also be a situation where you changed the password or username and forgot. In such a case, you will need to restore your NETGEAR router default settings to reset the default username and password.netgear router login

The overall NETGEAR router default setting isn’t complicated but varies with each model. But not to worry, we are here to help you reset your NETGEAR router default settings with ease.

In order to reset NETGEAR router login to default settings, we are recommending two different methods based on the type of wireless NETGEAR router models (basic or advanced) you have installed.

For Basic NETGEAR router login default settings:

  1. The first step includes examining the router for the reset router button on the device. It will most probably be on the back of the router.
  2. Next, you need to switch on the router and get yourself a paperclip or pen. You will need either to hold press against the reset button for at least ten seconds until you see all service lights blink.
  3. Lastly, you will now need to open the NETGEAR Router Login IP Address page and enter the default credentials like “admin” as the username and “1234” or “password” as the password.
  4. This procedure will help you get your NETGEAR router default settings to reset.

For Advanced NETGEAR router login default settings:

  1. Before trying to reset, just ensure to check once by inserting the default credentials on the NETGEAR Router Login page. In case it fails, then follow the steps mentioned below.
  2. On your wireless NETGEAR router, find the Wireless and WPS label button and gently press it for ten or more seconds until you see all the lights blink.
  3. This step will reset the device to default settings and allow the user to login to his/her router and set another username or password by logging in to the admin page.
  4. For further assistance or information about other NETGEAR issues, readers can visit the NETGEAR Support page.