There may be multiple reasons as to why you need to learn how to log on router. Two of the most common reasons to avail this information are when you are considering updating your firmware or making basic network adjustment. Whatever reason it may be, logging on to your router is a very simple five-step process.

  1. Start by pressing the Windows and the R key on your keyboard at once. This will open a little window on the left corner of your PC screen known as the “Run” window. Next, type “cmd” in the text field without the inverted commas and hit OK. As soon as you hit OK another new window will pop up. Note: if this doesn’t work for you, simply type cmd in the start menu search bar and hit enter.
  1. Then type in “ipconfig” without the inverted commas and press enter. This step helps you locate the IP address of your router device. Once you enter, lots of information will be displayed on the screen. You will need to continue scrolling down until you find the Default Gateway line. The numbers displayed at the end of this line will be the IP address of your router.
  1. Once you know the IP address of your device, you can move on to use it for logging in. Open any internet browser of your choice (Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer) and type in the IP address of your router in the address bar and hit enter. You will now be directed to the login page of your wireless router.
  1. Now that you have reached the login page you are just a step away from your “how to log on router” problem. You will be asked to enter the username and password. If you modified your username and password, enter the new username and password. However, if you are using the default username and password as provided by your manufacturer, here is a list of all the default credentials used by the best Wi-Fi router manufacturer brands.
Manufacturer Username Password
1.       NETGEAR admin password
2.       Linksys admin admin
3.       Belkin admin (none)
4.       D-Link admin (none)
  1. In case the steps mentioned above didn’t help you resolve your “how to log on router” issue, we suggest that you resort to the manual for correct login information. In case you didn’t receive a manual or misplaced it, use the model number of your router displayed on the box and device and go to to look for information on how to log on router for your device.