How-To: Connect Your Panasonic Smart TV with NETGEAR Router

Today after receiving another message questioning about how to connect your Panasonic smart TV with NETGEAR router we decided that it is time to write a detailed tutorial.

Smart TV`s become more and more popular and people want to connect them in a home network to benefit from all offered extras. For a regular gadget user that could be easy but for non-technical people it may pose problems.

The Solution: How to connect Panasonic Smart TV with NETGEAR Router

Panasonic Smart TV with NETGEAR RouterNo rocket science. The secret is that Panasonic TV auto selection does NOT configure the IP/Gateway/DNS correctly. You need to input them manually.

Look for built-in Panasonic TV settings find where you can configure gateway settings and check out automatic section and input your information




  • IP = ( different from the other connected gadgets).
  • Gateway = (same for all connected gadgets).
  • DNS = (same for all connected gadgets).


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