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Think Your Neighbor Is a Wifi Stealer? Learn How to Check Today!

Most Americans worry they are losing control over their personal data, but these same people fail to follow the best digital security practices. If you're worried about someone getting access to your personal information, you need to make sure you have the proper...
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Your Complete Guide to Netgear Router Setup

Did you just buy a Netgear router? If so, you might be looking at it and wondering exactly how to put it all together and connect to the Internet. After all, this is the era of instant tech feedback, right? We expect to press a few buttons or swipe a few screens and...
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5 Reasons to Switch Laptop to Your Tablet

Everyone seems to have a tablet. You see kids playing games on tablets in restaurants, CEOs doing business in airports and you've probably even seen a teenager or mom using a tablet while relaxing poolside. Tablets bridge the generational gap. They're everywhere,...
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How to Backup Text Messages on Android and iPhone

When it comes to technology, we've all had one of those moments where we accidentally delete something. A moment of absent-mindedness where we clear out the older messages on our phone, only to realize they contained something we needed.    These are the moments when...
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Choosing Between Wired and Wireless Networking

Choosing Between Wired and Wireless Networking Choosing Between Wired and Wireless Networking Are you looking to create a connection and want to know whether it should be wired or wireless? Here's some help to choose wired or wireless networking. Keyword(s): Wireless...
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