Troubleshooting Common Issues With Your Netgear Wireless Router

Troubleshooting Common Issues With Your Netgear Wireless Router

Whether you’ve just plugged it in or you’re experiencing a sudden outage, it’s not uncommon to encounter issues with your Netgear Wireless Router.

Fluctuations in network connectivity from your ISP or internet service provider, a power surge, or a spike in traffic can all contribute to interruptions in your service. Some issues come from user error.

Some issues come from user error. Other issues arise from your outdated firmware.

Before you end up trying to navigate the maze of the Netgear support, try some simple solutions at home. Below is a list of solutions to fixing hiccups in your connection that’ll get you back online and back to your life.

I Can’t Access the Internet

If all of your lights are steady and displaying the correct color, you might need to reset your device. If that doesn’t work, try going to “Settings” and choosing the option “Forget This Network“.

If that doesn’t solve your issues, you may need to look into the connection your router is making with your ISP.

Open up a browser and try connecting to If nothing happens, go to the router’s interface page at Go to Administration > Router Status. Find the label “Internet Port” and be sure you see a valid IP address.

If you see, your Netgear wireless router isn’t connecting to your ISP. Your next step might be to restart your network or call your ISP. Double check that your login and password to your ISP (if required) are set correctly.

My Connection is Too Slow

A slow connection is frustrating to deal with. If you watch movies or play games online, surely you’ve encountered slowdowns that have a negative impact on your experience.

There are some simple solutions to optimizing your connection speed to your Netgear wireless router.

Router configuration could be the source of your problems. If your router has QoS and WMM settings, you may want to disable one or both of these settings. In certain wireless configurations, disabling these two settings can increase your speed greatly.

Configuring upstream to QoS tells your router to prioritize data out. This can increase performance for gaming.

If you spend more time watching video or streaming from the web, consider prioritizing downstream with QoS.

No Connection In Some Rooms

You may be experiencing connection drops as you move from room to room. This can be the result of a variety of issues. Basements are notoriously bad for signal bounce.

Be sure your Netgear wireless router is set up in the center of where all of your wi-fi action will take place. Putting it in the corner of your place might seem like the most aesthetically pleasing solution but your connection could suffer.

Consider your options when dealing with dead zones.

If it’s in your budget, I recommend getting a signal booster or a powerline network extender. Extenders use the existing wiring in the house to transmit wi-fi signals from your router to every corner of your home. This isn’t the cheapest solution but it’s much better solution than trying to rewire your house.

Wi-fi repeaters are an alternate and cheaper solution.

However, instead of boosting the signal with house wiring, they can only transmit the signal that they receive from the main router. You’ll receive a steady connection at a mere drip of what you’d get from your primary wireless router.

The Power LED Stays Amber

If you’ve had to reset your router, it should come back to all green after a minute of being plugged in. You can disconnect then reconnect the power to see if the issue is resolved. Your next option is to reset the router to its default configuration and password.

Find a pin or a paper clip and locate the small reset button on the back of your Netgear wireless router. Press and hold the button with the small pin. After 20 seconds, release the button and allow the router to reset.

Following this process, your router’s default IP address will be and the password will be set to “password”. Type the IP address into your browser to change or update your configuration settings.

Can’t Connect Wirelessly

Are you having trouble finding your wireless network in your device’s list of networks? Check to see if the wi-fi LED on your router is lit. If not, there may be a toggle button to turn it on.

If you’re still having issues, look at the wireless settings for the router. Find an ethernet cable and connect your computer directly to the router. Log in using the router’s IP address. It may still be set to the default Go to Basic > Wireless. Select “Apply” once changes are made.

If you see your network but the connection is weak, try adjusting your distance from the router.

You should be at least 6 feet away but within a reasonable distance of the router. See if this improves signal strength. Remove any objects you see that might be getting in the way of your signal as well.

Other Netgear Wireless Router Issues

So you’ve updated your firmware, you’ve reset your router, and still nothing? It might be time to call tech support for any issues not covered in this guide. Before you drop an hour or two on the phone with support, go through our Netgear setup guide and see if you’ve missed anything.

Even someone with years of experience with IT products is sure to overlook a common issue in the frustration of troubleshooting. Don’t fret. You’re not the first person to encounter this problem and you won’t be the last.

If your issues still persist, don’t hesitate to contact us or search through our blog for more common solutions to common problems.

15 Awesome Features On The iPhone X

15 Awesome Features On The iPhone X

Ten years is an eternity in tech. Ten years before the iPhone X, my travel bag contained an iPod, a GPS device, a cellphone and a laptop in case I needed to do any writing or browsing.

The iPhone revolutionized more than my bag weight. This latest addition to the series continues to awe by improving upon previous versions and by looking years ahead of rivals.

The iPhone X, pronounced “ten”, is a marker or the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone.

Between the jaw-dropping image quality or the fun of sending animated emojis, there’s a lot to look forward to.

I’ve put together a breakdown of the 15 most awesome features for the iPhone X in advance of the November 3rd release.

Better connected

Whether you use emojis to express things you’re too shy to say, or if you don’t want your friends to know that your ex is texting you, the new iPhone X has you covered.

1. No more prying eyes

The iPhone revolutionized the way we connect on the go, introducing FaceTime and the “…” notification that your recipient is responding. This release is no exception.

How embarrassing is it to pass your phone to a coworker so they can see your vacation pics only to have a Tinder notification pop up? Use the new Face ID integration to make sure your notifications and messages stay for your eyes only.

2. Next level emojis

I use emojis with my friends all day. Emojis can express excitement and frustration in a way you can’t always put into words.

But sometimes they don’t feel like they express enough.

The new “animoji” feature allows you to expand the expressiveness of your emojis. Using a face scan, animojis allow you send a talking panda or a grumbling pile of poo.

Powered up

The plight of the iPhone is wondering whether or not your battery will last you the night. As with every release, Apple continues to improve on power usage and charging.

3. Wireless charging is here

In a major upgrade from the last iPhone release, the iPhone X uses Qi (‘chee’) charging mats that other competing brands have already been using. Bringing the iPhone up to this standard has several benefits.

Instead of asking the bartender or the barista for a charger, these charging pads are sure to start popping up in restaurants, airports, bars, and libraries.

I’m not sure about you, but with every iPhone release cycle, I factor in the price I’m sure to spend on about six $20 charge cables until the next release. Never again!

In addition to apple, Belkin and mophie have created new wireless chargers made specifically for this iPhone.

4. Best battery yet

While we’re talking about power, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that the iPhone X has even more battery life than the iPhone 8.

While the iPhone 8 boasts 14 hours of talk time, this phone can offer an average of 21 hours. That’s 50% more time to plan, connect and chat between charge cycles.

Whether you deal with west coast traffic, east coast public transit or anything in between, all that extra time will help your commute breeze by.

iPhone X moves your money

In the last few years, the iPhone is trying to make credit cards obsolete. The latest iPhone might soon be the only thing you need to leave the house with in the morning.

5. Pay your friends through the messages app

None of my friends ever carry cash anymore. If we’re at a bar or taking a cab, they use an online payment method to send their half to me.

The only problem is we never seem to be on the same page.

The days of figuring out who is using Square vs Paypal vs Venmo vs 1st National Bank of Northeastern Minnesota are over! You can pay for pizza using the Messages app in the time you could send a pizza emoji.

6. Apple Pay integrated with Face ID

One of the biggest pieces of news is the introduction of Face ID for locking and unlocking your phone. iPhone X integrates this technology into Apple Pay.

For a new level of security, you can now pay for coffee using the same retina technology that Apple is using the unlock your iPhone.

The high-end retina scanners integrated into the phone make sure that no one will be grabbing your phone for a shopping spree anytime soon. It also means that it was, in fact, you who bought $48 worth of Taco Bell last Saturday night.

Taking your pics to the next level

Since the iPhone 6 ad campaign, Apple has attempted to make phone photography an industry-wide option. Their “Shot With iPhone” series is sure to be the beginning of a sea change with the iPhone X’s major leaps.

7. A better wide angle camera

For the last few releases, Apple has been trying to get photographers to use the iPhone as part of a professional’s toolkit.

With the addition of a 12MP wide-angle camera, they may have found just the solution. You can find this lens on the iPhone X and the iPhone 8.

If you’re an amateur photographer, your iPhone has just become the perfect camera to capture your travel abroad or your hikes through the woods.

8. An improved dual camera system

As if you needed another argument for leaving your DSLR home, the new dual camera TrueDepth system stands above any smartphone camera on the market.

Along with getting the perfect focus, the aperture of the telephoto lens has improved immensely.

The iPhone X has the same great f/1.8 aperture wide-angle lens as the iPhone 8 Plus. To give you amazing photos under almost any lighting conditions, you also get a f/2.4 telephoto lens exclusive to this iPhone.

Your vacation photos will never have looked so epic.

9. Unparalleled front camera lighting

And speaking of lighting, the iPhone X has front camera lighting control to create beautiful portraits.

The new lighting controls give you more than just a quick flash that makes everything behind you invisible. New front camera now has as much versatility as the rear cameras.

Adjust the lighting in portrait mode to create crisp photos with blurred backgrounds. With this phone, your selfies are sure to be confused with professional headshots.

Everyday improvements

There are a few improvements that have made the usability of the iPhone X smoother than any iPhone before it.

10. Apple’s biggest iPhone yet

Apple has finally caught up with every other manufacturer and expanded their screen size.

Apple has given this phone a 5.8-inch super retina display that fills up the whole screen.

That makes the iPhone X bigger wide than the iPhone 8’s 5.5-inch screen. There’s no “X Plus” option offered because if Apple knows one thing, it’s that this screen 5.8-inch screen size is likely to become the new standard.

11. No more unnecessary interruptions

I read all of my news and magazine subscriptions on my iPhone. As a slow reader, I’ve always had one major pet peeve: You need to keep your finger on the screen to keep your text from dimming.

Thanks to Face ID, if you’re looking at your phone, your brightness remains the same as you read!

No more frustratedly scrolling back or squinting every 90-seconds and readjusting.

12. It knows when to be quiet

Thank Face ID for another everyday change.

Next time your phone goes off in a theater or if you’re fumbling for your alarm in the morning, the iPhone X will recognize you and turn the alarm or ringer off.

The neural engine in the phone also learns to recognize you whether you’re wearing glasses, a winter hat or just waking up with your hair all crazy.

13. It’s been working out

As I stated, this phone has the largest screen size to date. Yet at less than an ounce, it’s lighter than the iPhone 8 Plus.

You can thank the all glass and OLED construction for the slimmer size. Think about how much easier it’ll be go jogging with this strapped to your arm over any of the previous models.

Game on

For all of my technical readers, I haven’t forgotten about you. And neither has Apple. There are some great changes to what’s under the hood of this phone.

14. A revolutionary CPU that learns your habits

The iPhone X features their fastest iPhone CPU to date. With four efficiency cores, Apple rates this release as up to 70 percent faster than A10 Fusion processor found in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Are you a resource-heavy user? Apple has packed this phone with enough firepower to run a handful of apps without a hint of a slowdown.

Smartphones can now handle network management apps, high-definition networked gaming, and remote file management. As the engine improves, so does every users’ desire to push it.

Thankfully the two main performance cores are rated up to 25 percent faster than before!

15. The A11 Bionic chip can handle whatever you can throw

If you’re a big gamer or user of augmented reality apps, you won’t be disappointed.

With the popularity of Nintendo games and apps for iOS, we’re sure to see lots of new augmented reality apps. The power of the A11 Bionic will allow new games go above and beyond Pok?mon Go before the next release.

The A11 Bionic chip is the most powerful ever sold in a smartphone. Combined with a neural engine that observes how you use the phone, the iPhone X is hands down the most powerful of the series.

Augmented reality has never looked so fluid.

Choose wisely

The iPhone series skipped out on a “9” version in order to jump right ahead and celebrate their tenth anniversary with their X series. By leaps and bounds, the iPhone X outperforms any iPhone to date.

But that doesn’t mean you might find that the iPhone 8 works for you.

No matter where you end up buying yours, I always recommend going to an apple store to try out all the models first.

Stock is said to be limited, meaning you may not be able to buy one for a couple of sale cycles. This should give you plenty of time to back up your current phone.

There are sure to be lots of surprises and cool hacks in store once the iPhone X ends up in users’ hands. Contact us if you discover any tips we might have missed out on!